Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Prevent white & grey hairs

Since the age of 23, I have had the family come over… That is the family of White hairs, and ever since, the WHOLE family have come along.

I have always been on the hunt to find something to get rid of them, but the only thing that works is hair dye! I don't want to be dying my hair all the time, putting all those nasty chemicals on my hair! So NOT cool!

So here is the new solution & I am in LOVE with it! It is all natural & FREE!

Watch my video on how to do the grey white hair free method:

Here is how it works:
The nerves below our nail bed are connected to our scalp, so rubbing the nail beds together, stimulate the oxygen flow & blood flow.Keeping in mind you need to do this everyday and at least for 5-9 months to see the magic happen!
Continuous rubbing of the nail beds, rejuvenate the follicles and help to thicken your hair too! As well it doing this, it helps to get rid of the greys & white hairs! It really does work!
My grandma does this, without realising she is doing it & believe me when i say, she has black hair at the front! I guess the ombre look is what she wanted lol! Joke!

Try this & trust me, you will see the difference!

Raji xo

Monday, 12 May 2014

D.I.Y Natural way to lighten your hair

I am obsessed with having my hair  a caramel golden brown colour & trust me when i say 

" I have used so many hair dyes to get it that way"

I have been searching for the perfect ingredients, to lighten hair, apart from Lemons & here it is! So exciting! I LOVE this method, it is easy, natural, organic, but the BEST bit is, your hair smells so YUMMY!

Ingredients used:
Raw Honey:
Raw honey will leave your hair feeling soft & conditioned, but not only that! Honey contains natural hydrogen peroxide, this is an agent used when lightening the hair! 

Cinnamon & Olive Oil:
Both these ingredients will help activate the peroxide even more! Olive oil will also help to condition your hair!

Water :
The amount of water you need, just depends on your hair length. I use Half a glass, if you have longer hair or want to do the whole head, then a full glass is perfect

Check out my D.I.Y Tutorial on how I naturally lighten my hair!

Enjoy naturally lightening your hair!

Raji xo